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Our team of experts at your disposal for the purchase and sale of your property in Milan and beyond!

Our team is composed of selected experts from different sectors: real estate agents, lawyers, interior designers, accountants, administrators, construction companies, surveyors and many others, to be able to do our best in every situation and above all not to be taken aback. Our policy requires us absolute rigour and transparency: buying, purchasing or renting a property is not always picnic! The team dedicated to you will involve the most competent professionals, guaranteeing you the utmost professionalism, the minimum of stress and the highest income, both in terms of time and of money!

We are at your disposal for advices, real estate assessments without commitment and many other in Milan and all over the country.

The sale process of your property of Milan will be a wonderful journey that we will take by your side

Buy or selling your home is a process that may hide many pitfalls and, if travelled with the wrong estate agency, could become a real nightmare. One of our major strength is the attention we pay on every client. Every home has its own history, a character, but also a sensibility and a spirit, exactly like its owner. Our mission will be to address you to the correct steps to be taken in order to make a smoothly negotiation. If necessary, we will act promptly and without turbulences, thanks to the intervention of the qualified professionals of our team. From our first meeting we will be able to define the services that best suit your needs, suggesting your property to quality buyers optimizing in this way the sale times. We will take care of all the bureaucracy and the needed certifications, in order to accompany you at the time of the Act in complete tranquillity.


Born in Turin in 1963, after having attended the Technical and Commercial Institute first and the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Turin then, he begins a training course in the real estate field, which will lead him to be one of the leading exponents and professionals in this sector.

Experience, values, balance, identity and humanity are the main values on which Maurizio has always based his job and his life, surrounding himself of a team composed of highly qualified people, that share the same values.

  • 1984: I obtained the registration for the Role of Business Agents in Mediation by CCIAA of Turin in the following sections:
    • Purchase and renting of urban properties
    • Purchase of commercial activities
    • Loans and Mortgages
  • 1986 after having acquired the needed territorial knowledge and experiences also in other sectors, I joined has a partner in Casaconsult, a company operating in the field of services and real estate brokerage.
  • 2008 appointed as a member of the Replat Members' Committee.
  • 2012the second UBH real estate branch in Milan was set up.
  • 2016 the KM real estate of which I am Chief Executive was set up..
  • 2018at FIAIP headquarters in Milan I obtained the certificate of Real Estate Evaluator based on International Standards.