Rent an apartment or a commercial property

Renting an apartment or a commercial property, in Italy and with the regulations to be respected, worries the owners: “Will I find tenants who pay on time?” “Will they take care of my apartment?” “How much will I have to pay among IMU and income taxes?” These are some of the main worries for those who want to rent a property.

By trusting us at KM Real Estate you can sleep peacefully, because – among other things – we have been managing rentals in Milan for over 20 years and we are experts in rules, accounting and administration of real estate assets.

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How we can help you to rent your apartment

We will accompany you in the search for your new tenant and we will stay by your side:

We will find the best solution for you, the safer for you and the property that you rent.

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We rent your commercial space

The process we follow to rent a commercial space differs slightly from that to rent an apartment. In this case the contractual details make the difference, such as the minimum duration of the contract, which may vary based on the commercial use of the property.

For this reason, in order to rent a commercial space, we need experience and specific knowledge, in order to avoid to make mistakes that could be the cause of a consequent extra expense.

At KM Real Estate we take the same care both when we have to rent a commercial space and when the object of the rent is a home, because our commitment towards you is always at its maximum.

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