A gold affair: goldsmith workshop in an historic building in Milan

If in Milan we think about goldsmiths, we localize them in Via dei Piatti, a place studded with several workshops of artisans, artists of the most precious metal working.

Here, at number 3, Mr. Daniele – excellent and well known burin chiseler – worked every day with passion and mastery until he reached retirement age. He turned to us when he decided that the time had come to hang up his tools and enjoy his well-deserved retirement: it was therefore time to sell what had been his goldsmith’s workshop for many years. 

As every property, this held a history and had unique characteristics that needed to be enhanced. We have therefore inspected the spaces in order to understand how to help Mr. Daniele to find the better buyer.

Features of the workshop

The workshop of Mr.Daniele, 65 m2., was at the fourth floor of the beautiful and elegant Palazzo Isimbardi Pozzobonelli, built in 1400 based on a project of Bramante.
Composed by an entrance, two rooms and bathroom, security cameras, alarm system and strongbox, lift and concierge.

The bright rooms and the possibility of converting the intended use to a home completed the purchase proposal.

Tax system and superintendence of environmental and cultural heritage: how we found a solution.

After the inspection, it turned out that the success-stories, located in a building of high historical and cultural value, had several discrepancies in the state of affairs compared to what appeared in the land registry and was recorded in the company’s balance sheet at a very low value, that didn’t correspond to the real one.

We were facing different challenges: 

  1. Regularize the success-stories taking into account that the building is subject to the superintendence of Environmental and Cultural Heritage of the city of Milan
  2.  Try to maximize the economical result actin on the fiscal leverage

How to overcome them?

First of all, we proceeded with the help of our consultants – a lawyer specialized in urban planning, tax expert and surveyor – and we found a solution with them. The “action plan”, developed in the interest of our client, foresaw an amnesty to deposit for the Municipality of Milan in order to regularize the urban planning situation of the success-stories. Moreover, we could take advantage of a tax provision in force in that period in order to raise the value of the success-stories to market prices, thus avoiding making Mr. Daniele pay very high amounts of taxes on the capital gain that would have been generated by the sale.

The new story of a former goldsmith workshop and a new retired

The urban planning process involved a long wait but, once the road to follow had been outlined, we worked to find a buyer through an adequate advertising campaign.

Many people showed their interest in this success-stories and after few days from the beginning of the sale appointments, we met Claudio, young but expert lawyer with whom we had no difficulties to explain the urban situation and the procedures we were carrying out to regularize everything. He immediately understood the situation and his interest for the success-stories didn’t change.

At the moment of the purchase the success-stories was registered for office use. Claudio, after becoming the owner, converted it into a home and then renovated it, transforming it into a beautiful two-room apartment  

In the meanwhile, Daniele started to enjoy his retirement, spending his days growing flowers in the garden of his villa on the outskirts of Milan and dedicating himself to his favorite sport, cycling.



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