Apartment for sale in Sempione – City Life area

We are in one of the most elegant, modern and international area of Milan: Sempione – City Life.
Here, fair facilities, important commercial establishments, big green parks, historic buildings and elegant and exclusive condominiums coexist.

Maria Pia, Adriana and Roberto are familiar with this area since they grew up here, where also their mother remained to live in. In 2015 she bequeathed the family home to her three sons. None of them wanted to live in, since they moved from that area of Milan and now having their own home.

Separating from his mother’s apartment, however, was difficult for a long time: in fact it remained there, closed and uninhabited until 2023.

Selling the family home: a personal question, rather than an economic one

Six months ago Maria Pia, Adriana and Roberto decided: they would have sold the home inherited from their mother. After all, for years it turned out to be just an expense to be borne between IMU, maintenance and condominium expenses – among other things substantial.

For these reasons, they contacted us of KM Real Estate in order to find the ideal buyer.

In these cases, it is important for us to carry out the correct evaluation of the property in the interest of our clients, but also making people feel that family places are entrusted to those who will take care of them and know how to preserve or even improve them. It is therefore important for us to listen to the client, advise him so that he makes the most aware choice and, ultimately, feels calm in relation to his decisions.
We immediately set in motion, therefore, to maximize the value of the property and give adequate recognition to the sacrifices of the parents of the three brothers. The evaluation exceeded one million euros: an excellent achievement for our customers, a challenge for us to find a buyer with this economic availability.

Features of the apartment

Located on the fifth floor of an elegant condominium equipped with concierge and double lift, the apartment has been put up for sale complete with air conditioning, centralized TV system and cellar.
Entering in one could immediately notice how bright it was, a feature always much appreciated by those looking for a home to buy.

Its 6 rooms – of which 3 bathrooms – distributed over 226 m2, were (and we can well assume that they still are) naturally brightened by the light that filtered through the windows, arranged in a way that facilitate the exchange and recirculation of air.

How we proceeded

First of all, we carried out a complete and accurate inspection of the home and we identified some discrepancies between the state of the places and the state of fact and by consulting with professionals within my staff we took the necessary measures to regularize the urban planning situation of the apartment. 

In the meanwhile, we carried out market research in order to determine the best selling price and we positioned the property as an attractive option for those looking for a stately home with character and charm in that moment.

Among them, there were Marilena and Gianluca who immediately recognized its value since they already lived in the same area and desired a bigger and more prestigious home than the one they already owned.

Thanks to the experience of KM Real Estate and the dedication to the real estate consultation, after eight years the apartment of Via Lauria is alive and inhabited again and it was transformed from a cost to precious resource. In fact, our clients obtained a price that suited their expectations, which generated a significant profit. We had the satisfaction to face complex challenges and to obtain exceptional results for our clients.



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