Sale of properties in the city center of Milan: two sisters, two homes, two months

In April 2022 we received the assignment to sell two properties: one was a five-rooms apartment, the other was a smaller one. Both were on the same floor of a condominium in Via Nullo in Milan, in the Dateo-Corso Indipendenza area. Despite the central location in the city, the street in which they are located is very quiet. 

The apartments were owned by two sisters, Anna and Maria Carla, whom Maurizio knows from many years. As it often happens, it was an inheritance and so a situation in which one already owns a home to live in and is not interested in renting the properties acquired through descent.
Anna and Maria Carla have immediately been contacted from several real estate agencies: among the other they choose KM Real Estate. We felt flattered by this and had the confirmation of the fact that the experience – in Maurizio’s case forty years – and the reliability of the professional who listens and takes care of the client’s interests, had been recognized once again.

Features of the apartments

As we already said, the area in which the apartments are located is quiet and elegant: rich of stately homes and green spaces, only 20 minutes by foot from the city center and perfectly served by public transport. Both the apartments are located on the second floor of a condominium with a lift and are characterized by a spectacular brightness.

The biggest one,
160 m2, has a double balcony, a kitchen-dining with balcony, four rooms of which one with balcony, a bathroom with jacuzzi, a broom closet and a cellar. Due to its dimensions it is possible to create a second bathroom, it has a centralized TV system and arrangement for air conditioning.The smallest one, 65 m2, has an entrance area, a living room with balcony, a kitchen-dining, a bedroom with balcony, a renovated bathroom, two broom closet and a cellar. In this case too there is a centralized TV system and arrangement for air conditioning.
Two truly unmissable opportunities, due to location, structure and comfort in general.

The preliminary steps to the sale

For personal reasons and family considerations, the two sisters wanted to sell the properties by delegating the process as much as possible: urban planning checks, preparation of advertisements, search for possible buyers and everything else, were – rightly – aspects that they did not have time to deal with. After all, real estate agents exist for this!Maurizio accompanied them during the succession procedure and, after having found some discrepancies to be regularized, he and his team worked on sorting out the urban planning and cadastral procedures. And he did much more, given the relationship of mutual respect: he helped them to empty the home and took care of putting them in contact with people interested in purchasing at least part of the furniture inherited with the apartment.

As usual, at KM Real Estate we took the sale to heart and moved quickly to prepare the adverts, publish them on the main sector portals, sponsor them and organize visits with potential buyers.In June 2022 we signed the preliminary sales contract, just 2 months after obtaining the mandate from our clients.

Home renovation after sale

The biggest apartment was sold to Miss Vera and her two daughters at full price, agreed with Anna e Maria Carla, realizing in this way their desire and meeting their interests.Miss Vera, recognized the honesty and transparency of the entire process, and requested our support for the renovation of the apartment. Thus, throughout the period before the deed and the agreement, we carried out the necessary technical inspections with the company, to recognize and define the works to be carried out. In this way, we could start with the works immediately after the deed, optimizing time and resources.Even the smallest apartment was sold quickly to Stefano, a boy who already lived in the area and who had long dreamed of having a house of his own: we are happy to have also made his dream come true and helped him find the apartment for himself



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